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Monthly Archives: July 2018

7 Essential oils treatment

Опубликовано: July 25, 2018 в 16:15


Категории: Hair

Essential 7 Botanic Blend, a medley of seven oils including Olive, Grape, Sunflower, Geranium, Clary, Sage, Jojoba and Walnut. Blocks humidity, helps reduce static & breakage, and tames frizz, resulting in smooth, soft, silky manageable hair.


Опубликовано: July 25, 2018 в 15:57


Категории: Hair

At MAHASH we do all types of hairdos, including for brides and special occasions.

Olaplex tratamiento

Опубликовано: July 25, 2018 в 15:41


Категории: Hair

A simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

Balayage coloring

Опубликовано: July 24, 2018 в 19:13


Категории: Hair

Nature has awarded each of us a unique appearance – we only need to find our own image and emphasize our own individuality. One of the most effective ways to transform today is balayage, a unique technique of dyeing hair, implying the use of two or even three shades simultaneously. At the same time, the boundaries can be either smooth, subtle, or sharp.

The main visible difference of balayage from the coloring is that the coloring in this case is carried out horizontally, and not vertically, as we are accustomed to. This approach allows you to use both the hair along the entire length, and only the very tips, leaving the rest of the hair in its original form.

Undisputed advantage of balayage is its versatility, that is, an experienced specialist will satisfy both the requests of extravagant girls, organizing a sharp transition from one color to another, and the wishes of conservative customers, providing them with a smooth flow of the native shade into something new. In the latter case, it is worth noting, the growing roots will not appear – after all, the shade of the tips of the hair will not only add to your hairstyle freshness and volume, but also save on frequent trips to beauty salons.

Collagen Treatment

Опубликовано: July 24, 2018 в 17:56


Категории: Hair

Collagen for the hair helps keep them healthy and shiny until old age. The constituent elements of this protein are the triple weave screw molecules, and it is under their influence that moisture retention occurs.

Today, collagen can be found in many cosmetic products, including hair care products. For their production can be used as animal collagen, both vegetable and marine. Experts say that marine collagen is considered to be the most effective and well digested.

Collagen for hair helps not only to repair damaged hair, but is also considered an effective means for their prevention.

Açai Treatment

Опубликовано: July 24, 2018 в 17:22


Категории: Hair


  • Nurtures and hydrates
  • Protects color
  • Thermic protection
  • Frizz Controller
  • Stimulating growing effect
  • Prevents split ends
  • Brings volume and body
  • Detangling effect
  • Immediate shine
  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • Anti-Aging effect

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