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Welcome to Mahash Barcelona!


Barcelona - Paseo De Gracia

For us at Mahash the balance of Body, Mind and Soul are not just words. To enjoy living, to care for yourself and your emotional equilibrium, the power of natural cosmetics, the notion of beauty as an aesthetic quality as well as a reflection of your deeds and relationship with the world – these all constitute the brand’s philosophy. MAHASH gives you a chance to escape the reality, find your true self and become what you really are in terms of your frame of mind, your style and personality. The perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. The source of healing energy and wisdom accumulated over centuries in Ayurvedic and Oriental spiritual practices has blended with the concept of all-natural cosmetics to restore your well-being. We believe that Mahash is the best concept of SPA, well-being and body care culture. But Mahash is also something more. We are following the wisdom of Nature. Our mission is simple and pure: we believe that the harmony of body, mind and soul as well as secret powers of Nature help us share our knowledge with people. We share these secrets with people and try to combine our exquisite approach to natural cosmetics with the aesthetics of beauty, health and healthy lifestyle. And as a mark of respect to the Nature, the society and every person as its component part we take responsibility of the environment. At Mahash we live only to inspire and amaze. We understand all aspects of skin care better than anyone and produce our own range of cosmetic products in our salons because we know what our guests need. At Mahash SPA a lot of attention is also paid to guest’s self-care. Yoga classes and educational seminars will help them not only to change their lifestyles but also to change their attitude to the world and the Nature, because environmental-friendly behavior is grounded on the actions you take to care for your own body and soul. Because in order to be healthy and beautiful one should live on harmony with oneself.

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