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Welcome to Mahash Barcelona!



Every Mahash salon is a reflection of unique philosophy of healthy lifestyle, but it is also a place where this philosophy blends into the atmosphere of the city and culture. This is why every Mahash salon has its own remarkable features and is different from any other salon. Depending on its specialization every Mahash salon provides a varying range of services unified by the brand philosophy and distinctive customer culture. Sometimes all you need is quick styling and manicure. But who said that you need to refuse yourself the pleasure of using natural products and accept services of lower quality?

This is why the list of our services as well as the space of some salons is divided into 2 areas: the SPA zone, the area of immersion and solitude, and the salon itself filled with the air of sophistication and style. Natural materials used for decoration set the tone as you first enter the salon. But the deeper you immerse in the Mahash philosophy, the clearer is the idea that the concept of interior disappears and is substituted by the concept of atmosphere.

If there were a specific barometer to measure the pressure of everyday life on your inner world, you would see that when you are at Mahash your soul is free from fuss and bustle. It may seem strange but this process starts right after the aroma journey which opens every treatment including the most sophisticated ones – hair styling, manicure of make-up. However, if you refuse it, out express services will still help you experience an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

SPA by Mahash is a touch of nature: all cosmetic products, substances and fragrances used in treatments are of natural origin, do not contain harmful ingredients and are environmentally friendly. Our skin care and massage practices are based on ayurvedic and eastern traditions supplemented by the latest innovation and beauty technologies. We rely on effective cosmetics and treatments, making no compromise with our conscience and staying true to nature. All brands used by Mahash advocate responsible environmental behavior.

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