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FACE PUMP Plant-Derived facial toner with japanese green tea

Опубликовано: April 19, 2016 в 20:03


Категории: Facial Care,Products

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FACE PUMP PLANT-DERIVED FACIAL TONER WITH JAPANESE GREEN TEA With extracts of tamarind, cucumber and Japanese green tea. Reveal your skin’s healthy glow! This toner contains tamarind seed extracts and polysaccharides creating a thin protective film on the skin’s surface which effectively hydrates and restores the skin’s water balance like hyaluronic acid. Aloe, chamomile and Japanese green tea boost rejuvenation of skin cells, cucumber extract tightens pores and sea minerals (selenium, magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium and germanium) restore skin radiance. The skin is supple, smooth and velvety-soft, beaming with a healthy glow.


Опубликовано: April 18, 2016 в 18:30


Категории: Pedicure,Services

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Complex foot care begins with a relaxing bath based on menthol, bay and mint, instantly relieve fatigue and swelling. Then there is followed a cooling exfoliation based on essential oils that gently takes care of smooth feet, or sugar vitamin MAHASH peeling rich by moisturizing ingredients. Complete the procedure with MAHASH organic cream. It is wonderful opportunity to look after the beauty of your feet, and just relax.


Опубликовано: April 12, 2016 в 22:53


Категории: Facial Care,Products

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This plant-based face mask uses natural biocatalysts to actually make time flow in reverse. Enzymes remove dead skin cells stimulating the growth of new skin cells and collagen acts as dermal filler to restore radiance and youthful appearance of the skin. The formulation features gotu kola and reishi mushroom which infuse the skin cells with asiatic acid. The mask nourishes and brightens the skin, restores water balance leaving it moisturized and reduces wrinkles. It can be applied 2 times a week as well as on a daily basis depending on the skin type. Applied to problem skin it helps unclog pores and energizes the skin, restoring its healthy glow.

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