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Посты с тэгом: treatment

Rejuvenating care based on marine ingredients DEEP SEA FACIAL

Опубликовано: April 18, 2016 в 19:50


Категории: Facials,Services

Тэги: ,,,

Turn back the clock. Innovative system of facial rejuvenation, with plant hyaluronic serum and vegetable peel, wash age-related changes from the skin and substitute aggressive acid peels. Signature facial rejuvenating system, based on organic massage Noni and Tamanu oils, actively elaborating lymphatic system of the skin, and gives elasticity and tone to facial muscles. The skin glows with health and beauty, oval face is taut and smooth, and fatigue and stress was gone.

Problematic skin care FABULOUSLY CLEAR

Опубликовано: April 18, 2016 в 19:35


Категории: Facials,Services

Тэги: ,,

Returns smoothness and health to the problematic skin, leveling its surface and deep cleaning pores. Due to the combined effect of natural substances, helps to keep the skin clearness. Unlike similar procedures, it does not cause irritation, and perfectly complements the gentle cleansing of the face.

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